Friday, 8 November 2013

the end of day eight, twenty two to go

a week goes by and the dust settles slowly
surprises lurk in the puffs of ash
lifted by the slightest breeze
amazing insights
humanity at its best
loved ones not yet laid to rest

There is a lot of story gurgling in my head. Each day I read or listen to some piece of advice from established writers and I am learning new things every day. The problem with setting myself such a huge word target is that my brain is working at a greater capacity in word polishing and leaving not so much brain to function in daily conversations so I sound a bit dotty to my friends and family. This too will pass as my brain cranks up its capacity to do such feats of juggling. I explained it to my friend Tracy today that if I was a wood cutter with a need to produce 100 tonne of wood and I was out there with a chainsaw, it would take all of my concentration to cut the wedges in teh tree and calculate the direction of fall and then cut x amount of wood, then pile it on the trailer and then start on the next tree so i could get it all down and cut and stacked for winter in a limited time frame. So if someone came up tom me while I am sawing the wood and yelled out 'pass the butter' or 'where are my socks' I might accidentally swing around and chop them with the chainsaw or drop a tree on their noggin. It is the same with word smithing at this early stage. I need to allow my brain to build stories and I don't want to be bothered with using what is left of my brain capacity for cooking dinner or mopping floors or even holding conversations while my protagonist wields a saw. DON'T VISIT me without warning or I wont be able to hold an intelligent conversation with you. I need to calm the brain(turn off the saw) and take a breather so I can refocus my head in your direction. November is the crazy write fest and I really want to give it my all.

Sleep should help. I am having some ripper dreams. :) Goodnight my little lovlies(including me).