Saturday, 2 November 2013

End of Day two November Challenges: PLANNING

End of day 2... 2051 new words on Nanowrimo total 4340 2009 on RWA total 4224
One new sketch of quolls and a quokka,
and a new idea for PiBoIdMo
plus two more story outlines,
one edit and another layer on a piece of cover art.
Two acceptances for flash fiction, one for art and one rejection. I also listened to my friend Paul Flewitt being interviews on zombie palooza radio and I rang my sister and did my exercises and read two chapters of my current novel. I think the biggest difference this month is that I am organised. I planned. When I was cheffing for a living, I always planned, very carefully and thing usually ran like clockwork, Everything had its place, everything in its place.
It only took a decision that my home is now my workplace for me to realise I had to get organised at home and the results are showing.

All in all a very writerly/illustratorly day.
Night my little lovlies.