Sunday, 24 November 2013


Sunday is a day of rest...nah not for me, Sunday is get a whole lot of words on the page so i can meet the deadline. I am not yet back above the line so today is the catch up day. I managed to write five and a half thousand words yesterday and had visitors and went out to the supermarket and dropped in on a friend so today if I lock the door and pretend i am not here I may be able to match that. I hope so.

Today my picture book idea is about being unaware of the world around us. I am thinking of a fairy tale I read when I was young about a princess who rejects all the beautiful real creatures in favour of clockwork ones and is lured in her silk gown into a pigsty for a clockwork toy. The story hints at an attitude more true now than it has ever been. My sketch today is called Oblivious for obvious reasons.

and now it is time for a cup of tea and a fruit smoothie to start the day with.