Sunday, 1 December 2013

Now the hard work begins.

so I finished November challenges and started my December ones, wiping off the daily tallies from the window and setting new goals. I put all my sketches in a folder for SkaDaMo from one to thirty so I can best look back and see what I achieved and then I put 30 copies of the picture book ideas templates and the ideas in another folder with a cover for PiBoIdMo. My plan is to continue sketching every morning and to work on the manuscript and story boards for some of the ideas in prepapration for RYS and 12 X 12 next year.

I am continuing with one of the manuscripts and have already had feedback on the other which I sent out to seven people. I have continuity problems and location problems but nothing that cannot be fixed. I need to draw up a time line and family tree and do some really deep character backgrounds.

So lots of work over December coming up and I feel I am ready. Need more water and exercise. Both are essential.