Monday, 30 December 2013

30th December and sausages are sizzling everywhere

I think I was doing this a year ago...

...and I was doing it again today. This time for the Coast Guard. The Bunnings BBQ has become a favourite fundraiser with many organisations and it has certainly be a good public relations enterprise for the organisation. It is usually Helen O's fault that I end up turning hundreds of sausages into a gastronomic delight(she knows how to inveigle my help so she does). We had people coming up from the lake today because there were no BBQs available with the usual summer influx of an extra 20,000 people but they knew there would be sausages at Bunnings. I think I have assisted at (thinking music) six BBQ fundraisers in the last 12 months. Funny how things stay in our lives in odd ways. When I gave up hospitality I thought I would never cook again and as an income generating activity, I haven't, however as a feed the masses volunteer activity I have done more cooking and organising than I ever thought I would and in some bizarre circumstances too. The past two years have seen even this wind down to simply doing the occasional fundraiser for various organisations as I let those strings loosen from the weave of my life. In the future I hope that the only cooking I do is in character development. Oh what a good idea for a story, righto I am off to write. ;)