Saturday, 28 December 2013


Writing exercise #1 Everyone has heard that no two snowflakes are the same. No two people are the same either. What is it that makes you different from the people around you?

Snowflakes are complex and individually fragile and yet together they can form one of the most awesomely powerful forces in nature, Their individuality is not in dispute, each one having a unique and exquisite pattern as distinct as human fingerprints. However like fingerprints, there are basic types and groups of snowflakes that denote the style on which their individuality is patterned. Just like humans, snowflakes are influenced by both their environment and their inherent nature. A stellar dendrite cannot be a sectored plate or a needle and a rimed crystal cannot be a hollow column even if it wanted to be In snowflake terms, I am a droplet of condensation in a rain cloud not sure what sort of snowflake I want to be. Everything is potential, nothing is certain. Do I want to be part of an avalanche on a a mountainside or a spatial dendrite clumped together with so many other snowflakes? Do I want to fall softly on some child's nose in the eerie hush of the first fall of winter and joyfully melt in the child's laughter? Maybe I could be a piece of soft hail collecting rime on my crystal edges and spin in the storms turbulence never knowing where I am going? Like snowflakes, my hidden beauty is hidden from casual view. My complexity is only something hinted at and my power is held in check just waiting for the catalyst that will turn my fragility to an awesome world changing force. I float here in the clouds of potential and watch other droplets choose and change, clump together and move out on the winds. I watch as they take shape and become magnificent, beautiful, strange and complex and I am filled with awe and wonder. I feel the temperature change and my crystal growth begins. What will I be? Where will I land? I am excited and frightened, poised on the edge and hardly ready to take the leap into the great unknown but here I go.

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