Monday, 9 December 2013

Ninth of December

Happy birthday Grigor, older than me for a short while but I will catch up.

It is the time of year here in Australia when children have their concerts and communities gather in the park or on the green, down by a lake or river and sing Christmas carols by candlelight. It is a lovely way for a community to get together in the usually balmy summer evenings and share music and laughter. Often the candles are superfluous due to the long lingering twilight after the sunset however they do add a certain ambiance to the atmosphere. The new plastic flameless candles certainly flicker in regimented ways and wont cause bushfires or burn curious fingertips. Still it can't be carols y candlelight with out at least a token candle.

Let us sing something joyful now.

Yesterday was a huge push to get my room organised and i am very pleased with the progress. I over flowed the washing machine this morning so the laundry and toilet both had the floors mopped after dropping the girl at school and doing two loads of washing and two loads of dishes. I made my bed and gathered all the socks for pairing, organised paperwork for non writing purposes and made phone calls. Still avoiding putting in my paperwork for surgery and managed to do my daily drawing for my blog. I am doing a post SkaDaMo challenge to continue a daily drawing on a Christmas or Holiday theme. I am trying to keep mine very Australian in content. The new challenge is called Ho Ho Doo Da(Doo = doodle Da = Day) I had some feedback from a beta and she was appalled at the 'lack of editing' of most of the stories in two of the anthologies I have work in. I have given her my latest version of Mirrors to pick apart. I dread sending anything else out into the world that would not meet her inspection. My librarian friend also has a copy and she will be tough on me too. I think tough is good now. Not so long ago I would have been too fragile for a tough critique. Okay so have I written much today? Not yet but the day is young.

five hours later and I have hardly written a word but I did come up with a good line "many great writers had to be forged in the fires of hell" and I feel it might go places. I have been discovering small press and writers beware. I have looked at self publishing options and talked with people about their experiences, I have read two romances today one that annoyed the daylights out of me because the preliminary blurb felt like a synopsis instead and almost turned me off reading it and the second one had an opening chapter that felt like a fifteen year old hysterical facebook post so I went no further. A productive day in terms of learning but not in terms of writing. Still it is only 7.38 and I may yet find the push to move my goddess forward. wc at 10pm 1500+