Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It's begining to look a lot like December

Today's sketch is a car or part of a car. There are a lot of lines on a car, have you noticed? My car is in puzzling the autoelectricians who have had it since Friday. So long as they are having fun and I don't have to sell my first born to pay for it.

December. I have done a lot of interesting things today. I donated to Nano and put up some decorations. I am going out for dinner in about an hour and I have started my Keepsakes story. I negotiated to have a cover made for a story and gave a story away, I had a rejection and an acceptance in the same day.I practiced twitting (I KNOW IT'S TWEET BUT IT FEELS LIKE TWIT) and offered to host a story on my blog. I did not go to work for reasons that will become obvious later on in the song and I threw things out. yes folks I threw things out. All in all a very interesting day and productive.

Okay, teeth, shoes, cardigan and dinner. Off I go.

Dinner was lovely and the company was good. My host showed me how to watermark my art work so I am going to dedicate a day to watermarking all my sketches. I also was shown some tricks on the photo manipulation program I have so I will toy with some art work in the next week or so to learn how to use it. I am quite excited by it all really. I was offered some wonderful artistic support today and all sorts of assistance with making my writing dreams reality. I feel very loved, supported and cared for right now.