Sunday, 22 December 2013

The train in rain stays mainly in the

I put the youngest on the train this morning in fact it should be just pulling out of the station as I type this. Youngest is off to spend Christmas New Year with her cosplay friends in Melbourne. Youngest is a bit more adventurous than her big brothers were at the same age and of course Christmas as a focal day isn't the kind of big deal in our house as it is in others. I like the whole Christmas pageantry, the carols, the decorations, the seasonal food specialities, the presents if I get some and the push for people to catch up and say hello to each other when they have not spent much time together for the other 364 days of the year. I like the spirit of the thing. The attempt at peace and kindness, tolerance and understanding. I like that humankind has had some sort of mid December or mod winter or mid that time of year celebration since people sat around in caves with the snow piled high and ventured out to drag in some evergreen to freshen the place up. Those pine air fresheners have had a longer commercial history than most other products known to humankind.

So my hoho doo da sketch for today is about kindness.

Now on to edit and edit some more before sending my story out into the big wide world.

I have a temporary Gallery of some of my art from this year and a little bit of it from previous years. I set up a Gallery button to take anyone interested right to it. My computer guru is looking into a more fancy gallery set up but for now I will have this to host my pictures on. It is very exciting. Take a look if you like, there are a lot more pics to come and when it is all fancy I shall have doors to go through for different purposes.