Saturday, 21 December 2013

Saturday and summer rain

What a wonderful day it is today. The birds are chittering and chirping and the rain falls softly. I doubt the temperature strayed far from the mid teens and I am very comfortable. I took a day off today in terms of writing. I read a book instead. I was having an interesting discussion about speed reading and someone asked me if I skip great passages in a thing I read because I read so fast. I suppose in the technique of speed reading it is expected the person doing so will skim over words and skip over whole paragraphs of descriptive prose but I don't do that. I simply read very fast. With a technical tome I learned to read the chapter outlines first then the opening and concluding paragraphs and only read fully, those chapters with information pertinent to an assignment. This is a good technique when there is so much reading expected in a tertiary learning environment. In my fiction reading I simply read fast because I have been reading for so long and have done such a large volume of reading. I don't need to skip, I don't want to skip and I have no intention of skipping.