Wednesday, 18 December 2013

18 12 13 the EVE of tomorrow

The Nativity Play

Today looks to be another lovely day. The temperature is said to peak around 27 later in the afternoon and it is a glorious blue sky outside. Tomorrow on the other hand has been forecast as 40 degrees. Well that will be a hot day for Luke to turn 18 and suddenly turn into a fully fledged adult. Let's see how that turns out but meanwhile today I want to finish this short story so I can edit.

Plan for today
1 work on the story
2 write a roster of events for next year
3 take a look at my PB ideas
4 do some exercise
5 make a cake

I finished the story and sent it off to my best Betas
I am putting up the roster for the new year
I took a look at some PB ideas but need to really make some decisions tomorrow and I read some wonderful tips on how to revise thanks to the wonderful people in the kid lit world
I am cooking the cake right now as I type it is rising
I have not done any exercise which is silly but I will before I go to bed.

A really good day all things considered.