Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The art of not

.Today started very early with two nightmares. One in my sleep and one awake.

Later in the morning I called my 'boss' and asked her to give me a lift because the car had swallowed a human and his legs were sticking out under the bonnet [think cars that ate Paris] and they had still not mastered the glitch in the wiring s I was still without a car. The first class contained Lego(TM) and the second was studying advertising. The teenagers knew every single logo without fail even though each logo was partially obscured. They recognised them from mere slivers of the overall. Advertising is a powerful tool.
I caught a taxi home - is this seeming like a stream of consciousness blurb to you? - probably because it is. The double nightmares knocked my socks off and I wasn't even wearing them.

This evening I went to our Rostrum end of year breakup and had a lovely evening reading limericks and playing celebrity guessing games then using de Bono's six thinking hats to discuss the pros and cons of the internet. It was a pleasant end to an odd day.

Did I mention I like public speaking? A lot of people think I am weird but I do enjoy public speaking probably because it is story telling. I love story telling.