Friday, 20 December 2013

too hot yesterday

forty degrees is okay if we can build up to it.

Luke turned 18 and we had guests for tea and lots of heat with little warning so I did as little as possible online.

Here are my two Christmas themed sketches for yesterday and today.

May your days be merry and bright

It was wonderful having the number one son come to visit for Baby son's birthday, now all my boys are adults and it feels right and good. Baby girl in two years. :)

It is 18degrees right now after yesterdays forty it feels positively chilly but I am not complaining. There is rain on the way. I won fifth place in the Ho! Ho! Ho! The 3rd Annual Holiday Writing Contest on Susanna Hill's blog and you can read my entry a few days ago. I get to choose from a marvelous selection of prizes.

Last night I had an awesome email about my art and four of my beta readers have come back to me with all sorts of messy bits in my latest WIP to fix. Spelling mistakes mostly and I need to make a bought brought poster to remind me to use the correct word.

The cicadas were singing yesterday because ti was warm enough to bring them out, I bet they are snug and hiding today.