Sunday, 29 December 2013

9.43 29th of December

what happens on the 29th after all the toys are unwrapped, all the left overs eaten and the temperature starts to soar again (not that it has)? The great clean up. Later in the year will be clean up Australia day but there is always a big clean up after the Christmas get together. Plenty of good community minded souls go and pick up rubbish on the beach or make sure they are recycling all their wrapping paper and tinsel. In about a month the kindergartens and primary schools will welcome shiny things for their art classes and there are always craft groups around who would probably appreciate an influx of things for their projects.

My ho ho dooda pic for today is about cleaning up.

In the wee small hours of today at 1.58am I submitted a story to an anthology. The deadline is 31st December and I wanted to get it done. I spent a lot of time fixing spelling errors and tightening the structure until I was as happy as I can be with a short story. It was almost 14,000 words long (upper maximum is 15k). I can see if being a much bigger story at some point but for now a short it is. So after that I couldn't sleep and did all sorts of things to induce some snooze until finally I resorted to a natural herbal sleep inducer and zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Some time this morning I woke, staggered to the smallest room, staggered back, swigged a glass of water and fell asleep again and did not get out of bed until 2pm. I missed an entire gorgeous day but I did beat the deadline. No idea if it will be acceptable, I have to wait and see now.

So I have to be up early tomorrow for a Bunnings BBQ to raise money for the coast guard. I had best get to bed shortly or I will not hear the alarm.