Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday Monday can't stop that day

and a smiling Koala to start the day off right.

I slept in today after being up until 2am reading more than one hundred flash fiction pieces in a competition to write a holiday story. I really like the children's literature world I am diving into. People are so kind and supportive and the stories are lovely. I would recommend reading them all on Susanna Hill's blog

I hope some of these stories end up in a Christmas/Holiday anthology for next year.

It is already Tuesday and I am heading to bed in a few minutes. My Goddess story is at 8000plus words and I am liking where it is going. Mirrors is still under review. I managed to get most of the paperwork for the school done without strangling anything. I had such a bizarre day. I need to get back to Goldilocks soon and finish the first full draft. I ran out and put the bins on the curb and fixed the toilet cistern and ironed some wet clothing I pulled off the line as it started to rain. I think the whole day needs to be tucked into a 'look at it all later' corner. I bought a tin today with the words for thankyou in many languages and I am going to make it my gratitude tin and every time I think of something I am grateful for I will put some coins in it and then when it is full I will find something really lovely to do with it to 'pay it forward'. There are so many wonderful people in my life who fill me with love and kindness, who support and encourage me and who make my world a wonderful place. I am supremely fortunate to live here in this country in this time and to have finally reached a point in my maturation to realise how fortunate I am.

On that night I bid you a fond goodnight and hope if you are reading this that your life is full of love and gentle things. xoxo