Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fools Day

A is for April and apples and ants
A is for blogging and rhyming and camps
A doesn't start the words right above...screech.... that doesn't even make sense
A is the start of the A to Z blogging challenge where all blogs must start with the letter of the day.
today is April the first and of course the first letter today is A

Okay so I am also doing a lot of other things this month. Hang on while I find A list...

April 1-30 RhyPiBoMo - Rhyming Picture Book Month with Angie Karcher
What: A month dedicated to strengthening rhyming and poetry skills. Guest bloggers will offer expertise, resources, simple lessons, and writing prompts to help you flex those poetic writing muscles. Join in this great learning experience for those interested in rhymer.
CampNanoWriMo  A month dedicated to writing the word count of choice(30,000)
Blog my Book  A month dedicated blogging a chapter a day of a book
PPBF- perfect picture book Friday:  review a picture book
AWW- blog about an Australian woman writer and link it back.
April 12/13 ReviMo Petite FB
12 x 12 Draft and revision 12 x 12
Sub 6 FB
VIBC FB et al(Video idiot boot camp- learning to make videos)
Midweek blues buster(500 word FF)
52 week art challenge FB a picture per week on a theme
GROG(group blog) dedicated to supporting the kidlit community with lots of good info 27-7th
38 week writing Flash Fiction challenge  weeks 5 6 7 8  (500 words)

Did I mention thAt I Am Also A pArent. Supervising my youngest son at home through his final year of high school and my daughter through her second last year. And I Am Also a member of a public speaking club.  Luckily I am no longer actively involved in a day job

ThAt is  A lot of Apples in one bAsket. I Am sure I will Achieve A huge growth forwArd in my writing. 

So do I hAve A theme for the month. Yes, writing. LeArning All I cAn About writing, rhyming And the business of being A writer And building my writing plAtform. I even hAve A twitter course to do. I Am sure I cAn do without sleep for A month. 

Am I done? April here I Am And here is my Adorable writing Abode, with my Art gallery on my wArdrobe doors.
Altogether Amazing