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Hippy Happy Hoppy Hornpipe Wednesday


59176Happiness is found in the most interesting of places. I quite love a children's book called "The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate." it is beautiful in its lyrical phrasing and was a huge favourite of all my children. Today I read another which I am going purchase a copy of and sing its praises.

Published: 1st November 2011
For Ages: 2+ years old there is a book trailer at that address

and Emma Quay can be found here  she has a large number of lovely books for little ones
On a scale of one to ten this scores a seventy from me for adorable. Emma Quay has perfectly captured that essential delight and beauty that can only be found in our teeny tiny little ones. The book flows well, the illustrations made me all clucky and silly and I have a HUGE grin on my face just looking at it. I loved when my own children were teensy weensy and had no bottom and tiny legs and ran around squealing with joy when ever they were freed from their constricting clothing and this book encapsulates that perfectly.

There is nothing more guaranteed to make you giggle than children running around ‘rudie nudie’ after their bath.
Emma Quay captures this delight in her marvelous illustrations. Pencil drawings are photo-shopped against patterns and colours of soft, pastel peaches, greens and blues. The entire book makes me smile in treasured remembrance of my own bath time wrigglers and captures the wonder and magic of toddlers freed from the daily constriction of tight clothes allowed to run free to explore and experience life in pure innocent joy.
The story and illustration work so perfectly together to bring a sense of playfulness and comfort. They children dance down the hall on tiny feet and roll, fall, dance, jump, spring, run, prance, and spin around the house and into the backyard. Every space and place becomes something to experience fully; rugs and grass, duvet and tickly leaves, even the cooler air outside.
In the end the ‘rudie nudies’ put on their ‘jammies’ and nestle sweet and peaceful in their beds.
The book achieved CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year 2012- shortlisted
And Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year for Young Children 2012- shortlisted

RHYPIBOMO  today was lesson eleven and it was all about repetition in its various forms. So here are my attempts to make sense for myself mostly. 

Twenty two thousand and twenty three
Times twenty five hundred and ten
Ticking the ticket and checking it twice
To turn about the asking price
Of twenty two dollars and ten. 

Anaphora is the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of every clause.
Over time things all change
Over time language differs
Over time things once strange
Over time change to known

Diaphora is the repetition of a name, first to signify the person or persons it describes, then to signify its meaning.
Spike he is though spike he’s not, Spike his name not spike his hair style. 

Polyptoton is where the author repeats words derived from the same root but with different endings
Ride, rode, rid or ridden
on your bike down to the midden
Find the missing silver spoon
Ride back quick before the noon

Use a repeated line at the beginning and the end of a poem.
Once upon a time
She said
Is a lovely way to start
Tell a tale of love and daring
Tell it always from the heart
Tell it true then with a twist
leave them hanging on each word
Tell the sad and tell absurd
Send all their imaginings
On the wings like little birds
Then bring them back
To hearth and comfort
When they hear these loving words
Once upon a time.

Use a repeated line as the first line of each stanza.
Fire flits and brightly dances
In the hearth to keep us warm.
Fire flits and brightly dances
 Mesmerising colours bright
Fire flits and brightly dances
In the hearth it does not harm
Fire flits and brightly dances
Lulling us in false belief
Fire flits and brightly dances
We have tamed this mighty force

Use a repetitive phrase 2 or 3 times within one poem
The time has come to find my purpose
To find where I truly belong
The inner search for grace and wisdom
I know now the time has come.
The journey has sent many waves
Crashing on the shores of life
The cliffs of my stubborn resistance
Are crumbling now to nothing and I
Know the time has come.

Blogging my Book. whoot whoot. Today I did NOTHING, not one thing at all whatsoever but I bet I make up for it tomorrow. :) I have instead been doing some art which is still work in progress. I am trying out my polychrome pencils and I borrowed some books from the library on how to draw some particular things and I also bought some shiny paper to practice with the ink pens(COPIC markers). I also completed two critiques I was supposed to have in today and I did my poetry lessons, visited a dozen blogs for the A to Z plus had visitors, took my darling daughter to her appointment, went to the chemist and the supermarket, socialised in the car park, supervised domestic chores and read half a dozen picture books. I have had a lovely relaxing day for the most part. More writing tomorrow. 


  1. I love your words and definitions as well as your poetry as examples. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the book review. I think it rather intriguing even though my boy is well past that stage. It brought back memories. :)

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    My A to Z
    Caring for My Veteran

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jamie. I do the poems as a way to explain it all to myself and hope it helps others understand it too. Poetry seems to be a very complex sport and I simply expect the month long course in rhythm and rhyme to improve my writing even if I never completely understand it. I will keep practicing.

  2. Wow! So many great things here today. That book looks adorable. I have many memories of the kids roaming around in such a state. Actually, one of our kids wore nothing but a diaper or pull-up and a blanket until she started school. Good thing we stayed home a lot. :)

    I knew some of the words you mentioned, but others were new. Thanks.

  3. Informative and entertaining as ever.

  4. Those Hippy Hoppy Happy kid drawings in that book are so cute! :)

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