Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ubiquitous Underwear

adjective: ubiquitous
present, appearing, or found everywhere.
"his ubiquitous influence was felt by all the family"
 synonyms:Omnipresent, ever-present, present everywhere, everywhere, all over, all over the place, pervasive, all-pervasive, universal, worldwide, global. 

A good set of undies should never leave the wearer feeling their ubiquitous nature. Good underwear should been so comfortable it makes no impact on the wearers attention. 

That was my deep and meaningful community message for the day. 

More Art. 52 week challenge. Horse of course

The only horse words I could find beginning with U are
No shoes or barefoot
A horse with significant lameness or other health problem
and I have not used one bit of umber in my art.

a rocking horse. We have a rocking horse that has been part of our family landscape for decades. I went to have it refurbished but the person who does such mending wanted to charge me more to refurbish than to purchase a new one. 
 The year of the horse in Chinese zodiac is often symbolized by horse ornaments like this one.

this is a horses eye. I am not sure I managed the reflection across the pupil as well as I would like but it is not bad for a first try.
RhyPiBoMo. the lesson for today is not yet up so nothing here apart from my usual reading and playing with poetry. I may come back and add it in later this evening.
Blogging my book has to wait a few hours too so I will be back.