Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M is for Maniacal Monacle wearing Monarch Monkey

Much ado about nothing. I am going to bed early tonight and intending to try and become an early riser. My plan is to manoeuver myself into a much more physical maintenance program. I have my physiotherapy exercise sheets tacked to the wall, my weights and my stretch bands all ready to go.
I need to be much healthier if I am to meet the demands of my new career. So without further ado I shall launch into a quick blog tonight and then go to the land of sweet dreams and snoring.
I have to remind myself some times that I need sleep and time to relax and recover. Three surgeries in one year takes time to  bounce back from. There are days I must think I am still an invincible teenager.                                             mmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm

Blogging my book: I wrote several hundred words. Not a lot but more than none.
RhyPiBoMo: I did my daily lesson and commented on the blog, read a rhyming picture book and did not do a rhyme of my own but I will do two tomorrow.
A to Z I read extra blogs yesterday so I could have an easy day today.
12x12 I was up until 2 this morning (hence early tonight), commenting and reading critiques on my story then having a meltdown on the forum. Ah the melancholy.
Anthologies: I wrote a tiny horror last night and a cat lovers story today, both have been submitted to anthologies. Which reminds me I need to go to Sub 6 and write my submissions in.
CampNaNoWriMo, I will go put my tally for today in.
Blog hopping.... done.

Okay today was a short and sweet round up. Happy blog hopping those of you who are A to Z'ing and to everyone else; May your day ahead be filled with marvels and wonder. Much love. Cecilia .