Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N for nano nano particles and Novels


There are so many nectareal N words that roll across the tongue however I am going to leave it up to others to discover and share them because today I did some art. it is week 16 and the theme is Book Cover.

This was my first attempts at using scratch paper. I didn't think about the direction of the book or the orientation of the text and while I like the rainbow effect I was not happy with the overall piece. Thank fully I have more scratch paper to work with and I will see what else I can come up with.

Lesson 18 of the RhyPiBoMo asked us to look at  various types of metre and feet in revision plus rhyme that is not perfect and our homework is to write a piece of poetry in iambic pentameter. So here goes.

A day at the beach.
Today we went down to the sandy beach
Buckets and towels and hats on our heads
Flip flopping things on our feet stopping heat
Burning our tootsies and making us leap
Finding a good place, weave through the crowd
Dumping our stuff and yelling out loud
Running right down to the incoming wave
Squealing and jumping we try to be brave
Bigger ones splashing and leaping about
Little ones tiptoeing in and then out
Building a castle up to the sky
Pouring in water it gurgles away
Wondering why all the little things wiggle
Picking up small crabs making us giggle
Wandering curious in the tide pools
Watching the tiny fish dart by in schools
Eating our sandwiches gritty with sand
Having an ice-cream treat just like we planned
Leaving just as the sun hits the water
Yawning round stinging little red noses
Dragging our legs up the stairs to the car
Rinsing sand under the shower roses
Luckily home is not very far as
All of the kids fall asleep.

 So my novel and my nano tally are concurrent events. I am writing my novel and blogging its progress and counting the tally in CampNaNoWriMo. My work count to date is 18523 which is well on the way to my 30K tally for April. 

I also wrote a Cat story and  Horror story for two anthologies and had two of my Faerie stories accepted by the anthology I submitted them to. All very exciting. I also won a mug in the weekly round up on the blogging challenge. I love all these little prizes but more than that I appreciate the exposure that it gives my name each time I win some small writing competition or prize. It doesn't pay the rent yet but it will all build into a solid foundation of knowledge and people to base my new career on. 
Besides which I love the small flash fiction and  short stories that keep me sharp. I have to record my latest story for AntipodeanSF too. I didn't record y last four stories with them but will definitely do so this time. On my to do list for tomorrow. 

I attended a webinar today which gave me an extra boost toward making my little welcome video and I read some more rhyming picture books and completed reading another teen steampunk book which when I find out if the young author is an Australian, I will review for my next AWW review. 

That about wraps up my day so I am off to do some writing and editing since it is day two of petite ReviMo.  Edit Edit Edit. Oh and I submitted a story to my rhyming picture book critique group; chewing my nails on that one.


  1. You make me feel like such a lazy writer. I've been accomplishing things, but studying for my real estate license has taken priority over my writing.

    My girls use scratch paper from time to time. I like what you've done with your drawing.

    Haven't decided if I will tackle NaNo this year. I've stayed away from it for a while. It might be time to give it another whirl.

    Thanks for such a great variety of information on your posts. I love reading them.

    1. Thank you for coming by. I really need to work on the scratch paper, my first wasn't atrocious but it wasn't up to my expectations. Studying for anything when you have young family is always a huge challenge. Well done to you and I hope you can come back to writing once you have sold your first three houses. Nano is a big commitment of time don't give yourself a hard time if you don't. Camp nano is a much smaller challenge because we set the numbers.

  2. Cecilia those are all HUGE accomplishments! AND your day at the beach! The drawings are lovely - both of them, unsure which one is yours? maybe both are..
    Garden of Eden Blog

    1. The shelf of books and the book on scratch paper are both mine. Thank you, I do love my art time. I try to organise all my goals for the day so they overlap in a way that makes the whole workload easier and I don't have to go to a day job which helps- not with the rent but it helps. LOL

  3. First visit and I have to say you should use OVER-ACHIEVER for the letter "O". ;)

    Donna B. McNicol
    A to Z Participant

    1. LOL Donna you will have to come back for the letter O then :)

  4. It is amazing that you are taking part in so many blogging challenges at the same time!
    You are very creative.

    1. Hi Romi, thank you. I am having to be very organised and disciplined to make sure I achieve all I set out to do. That in itself is a huge task because I haven't been particularly self disciplined or organised in the past but I want to make this dream come true.

  5. You are working very hard as a writer, and in so many areas. It does pay off, not always in cash, but it's worth it.
    Glad to meet you on the blog challenge!
    Play off the Page

    1. Hello Mary and I am glad to meet you too. In anything worthwhile it pays to put in the effort. I may not have my own published novel yet but I am intending to. I do get distracted by the smaller works though and need to work that out of my system.

  6. You had a fun at the beach and I loved your poem.

    1. Thank you Janu. I enjoyed writing it and have spent many a happy day at the beach in times past. :)


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