Wednesday, 2 April 2014

B is for bubbles and blogging

Bonza, Beaudy, Bloody Oath mate, Bogan, it is my B day Blog. Can you tell?

 Today I am going to talk about Blogging My Book which is another challenge I am doing and why yesterday I had two blog posts instead of one. The first one taken up with all those challenges in the list. At least my Blog my Book(in 30 days) is good because it incorporates the CampNaNoWriMo tally too.

I did some deep and meaningful exploring of my characters yesterday on April the 1st and I uploaded my 7910 word count to Camp nano. So a good bit of writing happening already. After I go to sleep (it is 1am precisely here in Australia) I will get up, do a little exercise, drink a glass of water, drop my darling dear at school and start typing with a hot tea beside me. I am anticipating a word tally of 3,000 by end of day.

I submitted two faery tales to an anthology yesterday and I thoughly enjoyed them but that si not about my book. I also submitted a PB ms to RYS which makes no sense whatsoever to anyone who does not know the acronyms so I will translate. A Picture Book(PB) manuscript(ms) to Rate Your Story(RYS). RYS is a group of wonderful people from teh writing industry who give up their time to help out newbies like myself by offering one free basic manuscript critique and rating each month. There is a short window of opportunity to join RYS as a member but I missed the deadline. :(

Where was I , oh yes, I will write a chapter today and introduce the characters but I also need to do some research on ancient Egypt and Persia and some on mytholgy so I suspect that will take an hour or two especially as I get so easily distracted online by all the amazing things out there.

 Title: The Reluctant Genie
Genre: Fiction.
Audience: Older teens and young adults  

Beth is a loud proud community minded kind of girl who is always at the front line of protests for good causes. She and her brother share a flat(apartment) in a place where everyone knows her name. Her brother is the kind of guy who bumbles into trouble and can't hold down a job so when he finally seems to be doing the right thing in his new job at the art gallery setting up major shows she is only too eager to show her support.  But this time Beth does the bumbling and unwittingly  inherits a genie. Her first instinct is to free him from his servitude but he has other plans. No way is he giving up his awesome cosmic powers and immortality on the whims of some immature unfinished girl and so chaos is churned. 

Today's word count:  4000

I spent some time researching Jinn, Genie and Genius and found out some fascinating information that I had not known previously. Genius originally meant a guardian spirit of some sort allocated to a new born to guide them.  
My story was going to focus on Egyptian artifacts but now I am moving to Persia and India instead. 
I love how the cultures of the world have so many things in common.

Tonight I have been to my public speaking club information night. It is such fun getting up to speak and I had a whole new audience to perform to. I was able to meet new people who will hopefully join up and I am one of the coaches for the year. I also had an invitation to attend a school as a guest speaker so I will need to polish up on my presentation skills. 

I also need to do my story boarding for VIBC and get ready to film my first video.

52 week challenge art Theme is ; Simplicity  - I am stumped by this one. Might have to consider it long and hard in the morning.

"flu shot tomorrow at 12.

That's it from me now.