Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y is for Yearning

Yearning = a feeling of intense longing for something.  I have a yearning to be published under my own cover. By this I mean my own novel or picture book. I am working toward that with all the things I do each day. I blog, I blog hop, I read and I study, I practice and practice and I write. Oh I write and write and write.

I read the three Divergent novels in the last two days and I yearn to be able to write in a manner that feels easy and flowing as this trilogy is. There a a lot of new writers who have that easy flow to their work.I told someone recently that I knit tight and write tight and I wonder if I loosened up metaphorically whether I would write with more of a loose flow? 

I like my writing and apparently my beta readers like my writing and editors of anthologies like my writing but still I feel it could be a little more relaxed. I should try relaxing.

There are other things I yearn for, some I can never have because they could only be achieved by other people changing who they are so these are more pipe dreams than yearnings. I never realised that pipe dreams referred to the hallucinations obtained from smoking various pipes including opium and other plant based products. I never was interested in smoking but I do admit I like the smell of some tobacco products before they are set on fire.

So yearning? I yearn for romance and love but I am practical enough to realise the closest I will get to that is by writing a novel and having my protagonist live the yearning for me. 

I yearn to travel and feel this is withing the boundaries of  possible. My yearning increased after seeing all the wonderful plaes people have blogged about.

I also yearn to reach my word count before Wednesday so I better get on with it. 

What do you yearn for?