Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Blog my Book post 1

April first and it is blog my book challenge.
Blog my Book  A month dedicated to blogging a chapter a day of a book
I am aiming for a YA novel of 50,000 words.
I have developed my two main characters but need to do some character sheets to build their depth and personalities. I have a female protagonist who is late teens and a very socially conscious, cause oriented kind of girl. She wants to rescue and save, and fight injustice wherever she sees them.
My antagonist is from an ancient and long lived race of which very few survive.
The conflict between them is that she wants to set him free and he wants the status quo to remain as it is and risks losing great power and influence if she gets her way.
Each crisis is about him trying to persuade her into actions she is not willing to take and her trying to convince him to give up the power he is addicted to. 
The climax is where he has to decide what he wants more and she has to question her belief system.
The initial writing is at around 11, ooo words but will need to be broken down and developed into a regular chapter size. Okay that is all I am going to write about my story today. later today I will do some graphic organisers and upload the results.