Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kewpie dolls and kittens are kewt

I gave my pink plastic kewpie doll to my sister. I really like them. Interestingly I spent a summer making Kewpie dolls on sticks for my (then)boss to sell at the Melbourne show way back in the late 70s or early 80s. I liked making the little tulle skirts and decorating the heads and bodies. I wish I had kept one as a souvenir. I probably did but 85 house moves later it went by the way side as things do during every move.

they are very kitsche which according to good old wikipedia  'As a descriptive term, kitsch originated in the art markets of Munich in the 1860s and the 1870s, describing cheap, popular, and marketable pictures and sketches.[3] In Das Buch vom Kitsch (The Book of Kitsch), Hans Reimann defines it as a professional expression “born in a painter's studio”."    It also says kitsche means low brow rip off but if liking kewpie dolls makes me low brow then so be it. I will shout from the rooftops "I AM LOWBROW- I LIKE KEWPIE DOLLS!" there I got that off my chest, it is out in the open now and I am free of my dark secret. ;)

So K day, Kewpie, Kitsche and oh dear - kittens. I am NOT a cat person but I can be susceptible to Kitten Kewtness except on all those ridiculous memes floating around the internet.

In the Kitchen my son is making tuna pasta. Kittens like tuna. I will only eat it in this particular dish which my two youngest make proficiently.

I like the word KIND and the people who belong in the KIDLIT world. Over the past year I have met many KIND and generous children's writers and illustrators who are always willing to help out other writers.  People already established in the industry offer their skills or donate prizes of their time and business to give new writers a hand up. It is a wonderful world wide group to be part of.

here is a rabbit kitten for you kewt. I said kewt.
Yes I am deliberately misspelling that word because it is K day.


Writing Prompt: Write a Tanka today,  (I tried a cinquain too)
Tanka – 5 line poem
line one has five syllables         my yellow tonka(TM)
line two has seven syllables     digging, driving, ploughing dirt
line three has five syllables      imagination
line four has seven syllables    playing mighty engineer
line five has seven syllables     steering me to growing up

Cinquain – 5 line poem
line one has two syllables        tutu
line two has four syllables       pink tulle twirling
line three has six syllables       ballet slipper ribbons
line four has eight syllables     plie, arms curling, point the toes
line five has two syllables        beginning dancer

 Okay so 9am Saturday in north America is 1am Sunday here so I am going off to sleep for a few hours and then I will return to do the camp NaNoWriMo marathon of eight hours writing.

Tomorrow (my tomorrow) I will update my word count.