Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wednesday's child it full of woe

Well Wednesday wasn't full of woe but I did discover I am a teensy bit crazy either I am insane crazy or just a normal writer.  Today I decided to reread a novel I wrote in Nov. it still needs a few chapters but I had put it aside in January. When my two characters met after a long absence I burst into tears and found myself leaving the computer to make myself a cup of tea, sobbing all the way down the hallway and sobbing/laughing in the kitchen when I discovered I had run out of milk. My kids all looked at me like I was a crazy cat lady without the cats. Please tell me this is a normal crazy writer experience...

I am told that to be a successful writer takes a modicum of crazy so I must be on my way. 

I am deep into my edits so i bid you a fond adieu for tonight. Happy reading everyone.