Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday in Philip Island

Heading off from Stawell, it took us six hours to get to Philip Island. We stopped in Glenroy at the kebab house for lunch and it was magnificently delicious. Then we managed to take a wrong turn due to the map book being seven years behind the new turns but extricated ourselves from that and were soon merrily tootling down the Mornington freeway and finally arrived at The Island Accommodation which is an up market hostel. We were three hours early so we both had a snooze.

The internet is $5 for 3 hours so I am making the most of my time to get this blog written.

All the participants met at 7 in the kitchen dining area and we had the delightful pleasure of hacking magazines to pieces to do cut and paste haiku. These are displayed all over the window for our visual delight. There are approximately thirty people who write or teach writing, who study writing and who dabble in writing. The leaders have been facilitating workshops for a long time and apparently this is about their twentieth together.

I am anticipating a delightful weekend with many many words coming up.

My WIP novel is now at 72000 and my character has had her reconciliation with her brother. This could be a good collaboration. Okay I am off to social network for a few minutes before logging off.