Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday whipped by

but I did manage to write the next scene in my novel AND  produce some art for this weeks theme of EYES in the 52 week challenge.

 the eye of the storm which looks quite intriguing when I stand back from it. It is water colour and gouache on primed paper.
The eyes have it. Pencils of various sorts also on primed paper. My eye, an insect eye, spider eye, hawk eye, oscelot eye, Asian eyes, reptile eye, frog eye, cartoon eyes, manga eyes, oscelot eye, goat eye and Thorin/Richard Oakensheild/Armitage eye. I am quite pleased with teh improvements in my art over the past half year of constant practice. 

the 38 week challenge submission is a dark piece and prompted by some sad news I received today. I suggest not reading it if you wish to remain in a pleasant mood. 
week 12 Proof


I waited for weeks for the promised phone call.
When I finally received a call it was the wrong one.
Instead of spending time having a cup of tea and conversation I will go to a funeral.
 I don't want to go to a funeral, I want to spend time with a real breathing person and say all the things that were never said. I want to ask questions and get answers.
Inside my chest a small girl is screaming in pain demanding to know why she left.
Why they all left?
What poison did that monster pour in their ears?
What did the small girl do so badly that they didn’t come back?
I cannot comfort the child within. I don’t know the answers for her and now I can never ask.
 It is too late.
My anger is seething acid bubbling under a thinning crust of proper and acceptable.
I need proof of the poison.
When I find it, the crust will dissolve and I will have my own Pompei.
I make a call. I promised myself I would. I promised the child within.
I will keep that promise.
The monster will answer for the questions.