Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lazy Sunday

Happy Mother's Day

I had breakfast in bed this morning. Fresh fruit, yoghurt and a cup of tea. It was delightful. I scanned some art after I arose from my cozy bed and then put the washing on the line with the boys. A lovely start to a lovely day. I went out for lunch with a friend and her Mum and we had a delicious buffet meal consisting of three courses. We spent three hours together and I almost had to roll home I was so deliciously comfortably full. Back at home I took the clothes of the line with number two son as the rain had held off long enough for it all to be dry and then I had an afternoon nap.Then went for a drive to pick up darling daughter and here I am relaxing again, not doing too much, checking the odd blog and listening to Disney songs. Life is good.  I will keep this post short, go do some writing and have an early night again. I think I have been in need of some good sleep. My number one son called after work to wish me Happy Mother's Day and I had some text messages from friends who are also Mums. I am a very very fortunate person.

My art today has been done with fabre-castell and prisma colour pencils.

I am off to check my daily prompt then to sleep. Good night my friends.