Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thursday and I'm thirsty

Well I went to the doctor this morning and I had the wrong day and it wasn't even my appointment. A crazy start to the day so I went for retail therapy and spent one dollar.

I took my own sweet time packing my bag and I had a leisurely lunch.

Since finding my missing paperwork I have been so much more relaxed and now that all my folders are tidy and organised even more than they were, I am chillaxing.

I drove and drove and drove some more as we do here in oz and while I was droving...oops not herding bovines....driving, I was working out how my protagonist can reconcile with her brother. I had some marvelous ideas between lake Bolac and Ararat.

I stopped in Arararararararat to say g'day to a friend and have a stretch of my legs and a cuppa and then on to Stawell for dinner and a snooze and here I am typing away on my daily blog post and checking emails and looking at maps. Philip Island here we come. I am so excited about this writing workshop weekend. Veronica and I are driving down and she is organising city toll pass and sorting the route that gets us there soonest. it will take around five hours to get there.

I have not created a single word of fiction today and I did not edit a thing. I am having a quiet day before a big writing weekend. Actually I best write those ideas down before I forget them.