Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday evening in Stawell

and Dade is not a follower of my blog. (How dare he) instead he intends to read a gamers book called Oblivion oh I am corrected the game is named Oblivion and this is the game guide he is reading. The official game guide. Whilst typing this post I am reading it out loud in a condescending and irritating manner and Dade is thinking of revenge tactics.  Veronica on the other hand is catching up on all those hideous little chores that did not do themselves whilst she was away. Who-da-thunk.  Veronica and I had a lovely time away but reality is crashing back in. We enjoyed giving the lovely Evette a lift to Packenham and we stopped for a cuppa with Mica, picked up Dade from Lucas' house and ate Asian style food near the lake in Wendouree. Now we are  about to watch "the Adjustment Bureau".

I will add lots of notes about the weekend sessions but it has been a long journey back and I am weary so I will bid you a fond adieu or a happy goodnight. whichever you prefer. Tootle pips. xo