Tuesday, 20 May 2014

a birthday Tuesday

Happy birthday to my youngest. We had cake with her favourite music store guys for morning tea after band at 8am and I organised her student travel card, picked up her friends from school and paid for her trip to another friends birthday. Lots of focus on her today which was lovely.

I received a parcel in the mail. It was a prize for

(Tuesday, April 8, 2014)GROG LAUNCH PARTY WINNERS ~ by The Groggers 

the groggers are a terrific group of talented writers, illustrators, editors and other marvellous kidlit people who are sharing a blog.

I had participated eagerly and received a hand painted bird by an artist who had donated the painting as a prize. I did enjoy receiving it and here is a photo.
Painted and generously donated by Suzy Leopold
here is an interview  of Suzy  by Dani Duck(yes that is her real name) also another clever artist
and Suzy's goodreads profile

Thank you Suzy.

So the down down days are often followed by up up days and we have to simply ride the roller coaster of life and squeal with excitement at the thrills.

my novel has now reached 70574 and I need it complete before Thursday. Off to write.