Thursday, 1 May 2014

Oh my goodness it is May already

May today and what a day. Today I won a book and I was nominated for a blog award. Today I submitted a picture book manuscript to Rate Your Story.

Today I looked back over April adn realised I won a mug, a tee shirt, a key ring, a notepad(paper variety), two picuter books and a piece of art. I wrote around 30,000 words and submitted stories to anthologies. I blog hopped to over 260 blogs during teh A to Z challenge. I created over a dozen pieces of art. I revised. I entered competitions including one I submitted to the Georgia Romance Writers 'Maggie' awards for unpublished romance writer. I started a diet which i have stuck to for nine days now and that is a record for me. I studied poetry and rhyme in RhyPiBoMo and I wrote three picture book drafts for 12 x 12. I wrote flash fictions for midweekbluesbuster and 38 week challenge. I had my roughs(art) approved by the writer who commissioned them. I reviewed picture books and reviewed Australian women's writers and gained more followers who like what I have to say. I hosted a session in a book release online. I edited and critiqued for other writers and supported writers and artists. I also made it to the finish line for blog my book in 30 and my second campNaNoWriMo. I also completed the Video Idiot Book Camp though I have yet to complete my welcome video.Oh and I submitted art to Susanna hill's first ever illustrator competition.

What an incredible month April was.

May is shaping up to be just as busy. I signed up for a story a day on and I intend completing the novel I began in April and one I have almost completed from NaNoWriMo last November. I will complete the art for two writers and i will write at least one picture book draft for May 12 x 12. I bought Twitter for Dummies so I am going to expend some effort to master that social media.

On May 12th I will do a review of the A to Z challenge and tomorrow I suspect I will do my bit in the blog award by supporting other blogs with less than 300 followers.

So May, the last month of Autumn here in the antipodes and the last of Spring up north, a month full of birthdays and potential. Happy May everyone. HUGS