Monday, 12 May 2014

Monday's child is fair of face

I was trying to work out how to hyperlink in my text today so I could link directly to another blog but I haven't worked it out yet so I shall have to do some thorough investigation tomorrow. Sometimes I g to blogs and they have a swatch of gobbledegook and they say cut and paste this swatch and it will hyperlink but it never has so I must be doing something wrong or they could actually give some instruction for the uninitiated like me.

My daughter came home after school and informed me her brand new saxophone had disappeared from the school music store room. She only had it a week and I was immeasurably upset by its disappearance. I began tracking down phone numbers and trying to find if anyone else had picked it up by mistake instead of their own sax but to no avail. I am hoping it will be returned by band practice in the morning. I spoke to the school reception and told them of its disappearance and was later told that the music department head was attempting to call students who may have accidentally taken it. If I was in that mythical realm where writers are rolling in cash and living the high life I would not bat an eye at losing a trifling musical instrument worth the equal of two months of household income but alas alack I live in the reality of writer making not one cent living on a shoe string so the loss of such an item puts a long term serious pressure on the budget. I laugh when I am asked how much money writers make.

I told people on FB that the saxophone was missing and I have been overwhelmed with the wonderful supportive and kind statements that have been written over the past few hours. it has helped to ground me and settle me down and be calmer and less reactive. I am so grateful to those wonderful people. 

I am going on a writing retreat in the not too distant future and thankfully I paid for it before I became completely broke on my self imposed year of 'leave without pay to chase the elusive book contract' and help myself recover from all that surgery and my daughter get back on her feet. I am very much looking forward to a weekend surrounded by writers in an environment where I don't even have to make the bed. I have been reading about others on writing retreats and their excitement and enthusiasm just pours through the pixels.

I wrote a review of a book this week and put in some positives and one negative statement. The author wrote to me and asked me to clarify the negative after thanking me for the positive. I said I would reread the novel to check my impressions and then i wrote back to the author to say I was wrong about my negative. I had overlapped books I was reviewing and put the negative about the wrong book. This was a fabulous interaction because it shows how easy it is to make such a mistake and also how it can be rectified. I was so pleased the author contacted me and after I corrected my review I went and purchased another of the authors books (which I enjoyed even more than the first one).

I have been editing a novel today and only glimpsed at my story a day prompt and I am ignoring the 38 week challenge and mid week BB for the time being so I can finish this novel. Only a few chapters to go and I am enjoying rereading the early parts.
That is all my writing thoughts for today. Have a love day whatever time it is with you. Hugs.