Monday, 5 May 2014

A to Z reflections

April saw me participating in the A to Z challenge

This was a fabulously interesting challenge in which each day except Sundays was given a letter of the alphabet to connect the daily content to. The purpose was to have people visiting blogs they might not otherwise have been to,increase blog traffic, make new friends, gather new followers for our own content and to explore the networking possibilities.  I found myself reading some awesome content on various blogs.

There were a few difficulties involved. Finding good content to share that matched the letter of the day. Some people wrote to a theme which seemed to be helpful. I had a wide vague theme of writing and writing is what I did. I shared some of my art, my poetry, my reading and reviews and some of my thoughts on various subjects and had some terrific feedback from people who took the time to take a look and respond.

I had difficulties with wordpress so had to unfollow anyone I followed using that platform. That wasn't an A to Z problem. 
I found people who moderated their contents AND used a 'captcha' made it very difficult for me. I found 'captcha' hard to decipher and irritating so generally if there were double protective measures like that I didn't visit again. I think if someone is that paranoid about their safety they should stay out of public challenges. I didn't know I had the 'captcha' this switched on and quickly removed it when I found out.
 I tried to leave a comment on some blogs that gave no option for comments, they only wanted followers and I am not interested in hard sell. I like to come back, think about it, make up my mind in my own time and I wont be pressured into linking, buying or signing up for anything without a good reason. If I go to a party, I would like to say hello to a lot of people but I am not going to visit any of them next day when we have just met so trying to force me to sign up to a blog feels like being coerced into coming back whether I want to or not.

The good things were that I met(virtually) a lot of very interesting people. I visited blogs I would never have known of before. I read some astoundingly good blogs on  hundreds of different subjects. I had the awesome pleasure of learning more about my world and the beautiful people and cultures that make it so fantastic. I gained some new followers interested in what I have to write about. I linked to some and followed some terrific blogs that add value to my life.
Writing every day in a way which I knew was going to be read by others made me more aware of my quality of content. I wanted to be sure that while I was writing my blog first for myself it also had to be worthy of the people who came to visit and that was an important adjustment to have.

Overall I felt the A to Z challenge was an excellent activity to add to the many others I was doing during April. Thank you to the organisers of it I will be back next year for sure. :)