Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday on my mind

What a lovely relaxing day it has been. I slept late, indulged in a little reading, rang my sister, did a little more reading, did some grocery shopping,  had lunch and did some more reading and have only just stopped mid chapter to do my daily post.

Last night I wrote a short story and submitted it to a competition
Last night I sent the first two chapters of a novel I have written to another competition
Last night I wrote a poem and sent it to a competition
Last night I wrote the beginnings of a short story for the story a day May challenge day 1.
I also submitted a rhyming PB manuscript to RYS

I went to bed around 3am and slept deeply. Unsurprisingly.

So today I read. It is pouring rain outside and the wind is howling through the trees and i am snug and warm in here with a good book and my cozy slippers and dressing gown.

Tomorrow I have to start the hard work of May but today I will spend leisurely hours with my nose stuck in a book after I see what is happening in RhyPiBoMo :)

I hope you too have a lovely day. :)


  1. Hi human, Cecilia,

    This was such an upbeat, encouraging pawst, my human friend. I like how you keep busy with pawsitive distractions that are conducive to your well being. This is pawesome.

    Something very cosy about listening to the rain and the wind while snuggled up warm inside. I love to snuggle up to my humans.

    May you have a lovely remainder of your weekend.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

    1. Thank you Penny the Jack Russell, you are very kind to stick your soft nose in here and greet me with a friendly bark. You have fun chasing things and hope you find a nice sunny spot to curl up in later in the day. :)


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