Wednesday, 23 April 2014

T for Tidy

Tidy is something I am not.Today I decided to spend Time doing art.
I had not been doing as much art as I prefer with all the things I signed up for this month and I missed it so today was arty.

As I mentioned yesterday, this weeks theme in the 52 week challenge is HORSE so here for your viewing pleasure are the first batch of my horses.

 an old fashioned horse of the sea, copic and pencil
 a chibi horse also copic marker(before I have to return them) and pencil
 Horse love, which apparently many young girls go through. It bypassed me somehow but my sisters loved them. I like the sound of a herd of them galloping. Pencil only.
 This was my first one and stupidly I didn't check where it was when I started the next one on top of it so the purple came through the paper. I like it and might do a repeat attempt. Copic pen and Faber-Castell pencil.
 I really liked the look of this horse. The stark contrast in the colour patches are very eye catching. Copic and pencil
 Here is the purple culprit. I was trying a stylised horse with copic lines and pencil for the shading.
and a little seahorse. Also Copic marker and F-C pencils.

I have a few more in progress and I did some art for a competition which I will upload tomorrow.

The RhyPiBoMo lesson for today was about revision. All the dos and don'ts of writing rhyme for picture books. I think that I will be able to write effective rhyme given some practice and appropriate feedback.

Speaking of feedback. I had a critique on a new piece come back and it was full of praise and good suggestions for polishing it up so I think I may have a second Picture book manuscript this month. Now to find where to send them both.

blogging this book has become an interesting challenge. I seem to spend more time blogging and researching and discussing than getting words on the page but it is progressing albeit slowly.

My MC did a woodwork course(foreshadowed in opening pages) and is going to do some minor adaptations to the cottage, including building a toilet because she simply cannot bear the thought[and action] of using the midden pile.

A new problem is about to arise. Her predecessors were able to sell cheese and other produce at the village market in the past but the new food safety laws may prevent her doing this and she is going to have a glut of cheese filling every nook and cranny in her cellar. How will she work that one out? I am suspecting some odd callers wandering through her little valley who will barter.

I have two flash fictions in process I need to finish tonight so I will get off the internet and go write.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. You are very talented. Have you seen Pat Hatt's blog--> It's Rhyme Time? He's doing the A to Z, too, and he has some books mentioned, and he's always coming up with hilarious rhymes. I don't know how to put a link here, but he has comments on my blog, so you can find his link there, if you'd like to. I think you'd enjoy his site.

    1. I shall go take a look for Pat Hatt's blog thank you Deb and yours too. :)

  2. The horse love thing escaped me, too, although I had a friend who was really into them. I know Jessica Burkhart has done really well with her horse-related middle grade novels and she has a huge following of horse enthusiast youth!

    1. My sister informed me she never liked horses after I told her I mentioned her here. She said it was the only way to escape during her teens. :) I would much prefer a good book and if a horse happened to be in one then I could cope. I have horsey friends and grew up on a farm but horses are welcome to stay safely in the field. :)

  3. What brilliant art pieces Cecilia
    Am awed by all of them. My fav is the girl and horse- Pencil sketch !

    More power to ur pen and pencil

    Dropping by from A to Z -

    1. Thank you Afshan Shaik, I really am enjoying sharing my art.


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