Saturday, 5 April 2014

E is for everything

E is for everything and Ego and Environment and Evaluation.

Today I Evaluated my Environment and made the decision the day would be spent Eliminating Excess. I can actually see my bedroom floor now. It was covered in Excess books and folders, bits and pieces, Exercise Equipment and clothing. I am culling the clothing and sending it to a thrift/op shop and thinking of where the excess folders, books and bits can go to make my life more streamlined. This process has been going on for a while now and I am starting to feel like Energy can flow more freely in my Environment.

I did one of those 'what such and such are you?'

Which Classic Rock Band Are You?

You got: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Let's keep the band together!

You're a true original and an extremely creative thinker. You follow your own path, and sometimes frustrate others when they can't keep up with you. But don't let that stop you from following your own vision - if you remain true to yourself, your legacy will be a strong one!

 In other quizzes I almost always end up with the same character just different place and time. I am Obiwankenobi, Professor Mcgonegal, Q, Zoe from firefly, and so on and so forth. They are all the same archetype character.  They are the go to person for support, the calm strong one. I found the similarities very interesting. Of course those quizzes have a finite limit and the questions are set to have one of a limited possible outcomes but it got me thinking about archetypes and I thik I need to go back and read my Campbell, Jung and Vogler. 

Okay RhyPiBoMo and I promised a sestina and sonnet but first my Rhyming Picture book

Snug as a Hug

An Australian Lullaby

By: Marcia K Vaughn and Pamela Lofts(Illustrator)

Board Book  Published: 1st March 2011

For Ages: 3+ years old
This is a lovely bedtime read with gently rhyming text which is beautifully enhanced by Pamela Lofts'  pencil illustrations. I think this could become a favourite with so many Australian animals curling up and sleeping. Well worth owning if you have young children to read to.

My headache with it began as I tried to break down the meter feet pattern and poetic building blocks of the text. I know it will come with time and practice but it wasn't coming today.

Jo/ey/ is/ sleep/ing/ curled/ up/ in /Mums/ pouch./ DA da da DA da da DA da da(dactyl pattern) Dum

Ko/a/la/ is/ rest/ing/ (on a)/ limb/ (like/ a)/ couch./DA da da DA da da Dactyl followed by ( da da DA-  anapest ) da da DA(anapest)

Tur/tle/ is/ dream/ing/ far /out /in/ the/ sea./ DA da da DA da da DA da da(Dactyl again) plus- Dum

Cock/a/too/ is/ yawn/ing/ high/ up/ in/ a /tree./
 Koala feels like it should be a triplet so I am struggling with this breakdown.
The story also contains plenty of alliteration and assonance.

Looks like more work for to read my rhyme lessons. :)
Writing Prompt: Now it’s your turn! Write a Sestina
Choose 6 words and fill in the blanks.
A Chair      B Autumn     C    Moon    D Delicate   E feather  F Eggshell

Stanza 1: A Chair      B Autumn     C   Moon    D Delicate   E Feather  F Eggshell
Stanza 2: F Eggshell A Chair E Feather B Autumn D Delicate C Moon
Stanza 3: C Moon F Eggshell D Delicate A Chair B Autumn E Feather
Stanza 4: E Feather C Moon B Autumn F Eggshell A Chair D Delicate
Stanza 5: D Delicate E Feather A Chair C Moon F Eggshell B Autumn
Stanza 6: B Autumn D Delicate F Eggshell E Feather C Moon A Chair
1        B  Autumn E Feather
2        D Delicate C Moon
3        F Eggshell A Chair.

Stanza 1:
1        A         Sunset viewed from evening rocking Chair     
2        B         Contemplating flight of birds in Autumn     
3        C         Mellow thoughts before the rising Moon   
4        D         A bird calls out in chiming song so Delicate  
5        E          Notes of flight and wing and nests and Feather 
6        F          Tale of worm for chicks and broken Eggshell
Stanza 2:
1        F          Small and blue and brittle is an Eggshell
2        A         Found on the floorboard by the rocking Chair
3        E          inside a crumpled sad and half formed Feather
4         B        that never will know glorious leaves of Autumn
5         D        Skeletal remains, tiny, pale and Delicate
6        C         a fitting tribute to the new full Moon
Stanza 3:
1        C         Cold and silver is the light of Moon
2        F          That shines below on shards of pale Eggshell
3        D         Tiny bones that gleam and beak so Delicate
4        A         Studied from the hard and sturdy  Chair
5        B         Life and death all culminate in Autumn
6        E          All softly falls as a loosened Feather
Stanza 4:
1        E          Curious reach down and lift the Feather
2         C        And hold it up toward  the bright lit Moon
3        B         Soon light will fade on this last night of Autumn
4        F          Nature will remove fragments of the  Eggshell
5        A         As chill  removes the watcher from the  Chair
6        D          Life continues  in a balance Delicate
Stanza 5:
1        D        Crystals touch the grass in patterns Delicate
2        E         Frost dances in softer than a Feather
3        A        Coating wood and cushion on the Chair
4        C        Sparkling bright beneath the new full Moon
5        F         Icy patterns more fleeting than the Eggshell
6        B        The fundamental artistry of Autumn
Stanza 6:
1        B         Icy chill on this last night of Autumn
2        D         The frost will soon give way to snowflakes Delicate
3        F          Nothing will remain of broken Eggshell
4        E          Nor damaged bone or crumpled unformed Feather
5        C         Life moves on beneath the shining Moon
6        A         and nothing comes to fill the vacant Chair
1        BE       Autumn birds fluff up their winter Feather
2        DC      Delicate  and warm beneath the Moon
3        FA       Eggshell, fragile as the frost, soon lost beside the empty Chair.

You don't get a sonnet tonight that is for sure. ARGH what a challenge. :) Off to write so I can blog my book before midnight and I get an extra hour because daylight savings ends.


  1. I must be one of the creative people you are talking about, because I know I often frustrate my family members when I'm in my writing mode. :-)

    1. chuckle, sometimes I frustrate myself too because I have no brain cells left over for things like keys and cooking. Thanks for visiting.

  2. I picked up a neat trick from a character in a fiction book. For every new thing that comes in, something goes out. And I am a mad recycler. Everything that can, does!
    History Sleuth's Writings - Blogging A-Z

    1. It is good to let it all flow I think. :)

  3. Visiting you on the the 5th day of the #challenge. Looking for fellow writers and here you are. To this day children's books grab my attention. I will admit that the illustrations in a children's book that lure me in. Hope you make lots of new blogging friends this month. If you have time or interest, I'm writing about gardening and related things this month. Come and see me. Have fun.

    1. I love good illustrations but even a good illustration doesn't work with substandard text. They need to work together to create a really good work.

  4. Way to get your floor picked up! In prep for selling our house, I'm trying to get the kids used to picking up, and it's whew! Yeah, just like that. I kind of like my piles. They feel more comfortable. And creative. ;)

    1. I am trying to set a better example for my daughter, I can't expect her to be tidy if I am not. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for popping by Evan I will take a short walk metaphorically and visit you too.

  6. Creedence!! I instantly start thinking of The Dude and the Big Lebowski. Love it!

    Dara the Writer

    1. chuckle. I think bad moon rising. Art in any form sure is subjective.

  7. You are so full of poetry this month! Beautiful! :)

    1. Thanks Becky, doing the RhyPiBoMO is really challenging me in all the right ways. Loving it.

  8. I am currently working on Eliminating Excess, and simplifying my life. I can't believe how much you put on each of your posts, but maybe if my life were simplified, I would have time to do that much too. :)

    Random Musings from the KristenHead — E is for 'Elementary' (and Elephants)


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