Wednesday 26 February 2014

Wednesday 26th February

14:14 is almost done but I shall continue to review and use all the elements to do my reviews.
Today my book is
The Goblin and the Empty Chair

Readership.Young readers of all ages

Author: Mem Fox
Illustrator: Leo & Diane Dillon
Publisher: Penguin Viking
Year of publications: 2009
Hard cover

A self loathing Goblin and a grieving family find a way to help each other in this beautiful and bitter sweet tale of loss and healing. This book is beautiful. 
The  illustrations of Leo and Diane Dillon add a gentle poignancy to this fairy tale. Soft pastels and beautiful depictions of the Goblin and family make this art to treasure.

The combination of Mem Fox and the Dillons makes this book one to keep and hand on and read again and again. I have read many of Mem Fox's stories and they are always a delight and didn't realise until today that I was also a fan of the Dillon's art. When I began to research what other work they had illustrated I was delighted to find I already had other books with their art work. 

It was sad to learn Leo Dillon died around the same time as Maurice Sendak in 2012. The kidlit world was so enriched by their presence. 

 The Goblin and the empty chair is a story of grief and hope and acceptance and I sit here and shed my tears for the loss of both Mr Dillon and Mr Sendak and their families and remember them with a thankful heart for their contributions in enriching the lives of millions of children of all ages.

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