Tuesday, 11 February 2014

how the heck did it get to 11.50pm

I guess the day slipped by. I read and I read some more and I attempted some writing activities and I lectured the kids and put my shade cloth back up and drove son to somewhere and had visitors and hurt myself and chatted online and drew and read some more writer articles and now it is 1/4 to 12. So I shall upload some pictures.

Izzy was helping me with my shading today. She is a fine little artist and I wish she would upload to the 52 week challenge too. Some of these pieces are unfinished and we start water colour tomorrow.
My story for today is a non fiction one.
I have been reading other people's first 250 words of their manuscripts and giving some feedback. There are some interesting stories in progress and I hope I get to read them in covers sometimes.