Friday, 7 February 2014

Post surgery blues

The rules post anaesthetic are... don't drink, don't drive, don't sign important documents and I am adding and addendum, don't do grocery shopping and don;t blog. My head hurts and my jaw is beginning to ache as it wears off and I probably have a five minute window of opportunity before I pass out on my bed so I best write. The surgery went off without a glitch which is such a releif considering the glitches of the last two. I have been exercising daily and my blood pressure was the best it has ever been EVER. I had a differetn anaesthestist today and he plays the double bass. We know each other from primary performers and he does play a mean bass. He was off to the Jazz festival in Halls Gap this evening if all went well during the day and he was not held up in surgery. I had been meditating as well which I think helped and I managed to jog slowly up all four flights of stairs in the hospital pre op without actually collapsing. Oh my goodness this is not helping my head so I will stop in a second. I read the first two chapters of cloud street by Tim Winton and then slept for about an hour until my surgery and the only ouchy bit was Geoff putting the bung in my hand. I tried to wriggle my toes and grip the bar to stop from moving but I jumped anyway. A few seconds later my head filled with cotton wool and my speech was difficult to enunciate so Geoff grinned and said he reckoned he got it in ok. My dear surgeon came out and drew pretty dots and lines on my face and I asked if his mother had ever told him off for writing on skin. He tells me no and I don't discourage it either, easier to lose a piece of paper with a note than a whole skin.

I am trying to come up with my PB marathon story for the day and I have ideas but they dissipate into the ether. I think I am fighting the system ,,,  the system of chemicals fighting with my stubborn will to stay awake. GOT TO BED CECILIA YOU IDJIT! I will come up with one before midnight. Okay I am going I am going....all spelling anfd grammar mistakes can be blamed on surgery today.