Thursday, 13 February 2014

Before it becomes too late

I am going to write my blog today at least several hours before bed time. Here I am and it is only 7.50pm.
Today's water colour first. It is a deformed horse with a tooth growing from its forehead, poor thing.

and tomorrow I am going to tackle some lady bugs.
If you have FB and haven't taken a look at the work being uploaded to the 52 week challenge I urge you to give yourself a visual treat and take a look.

I went to the library yesterday and borrowed an armload of picture books because tomorrow is the beginning of the 14:14 blog challenge wherein I will be doing reviews on picture books and uploading on each day for two weeks. This is in addition to the picture book marathon and the mini WOW over the weekend. I am trying to upload my daily word count to Carpe Verba but I am not making the 500 words per day and then I will suddenly have 3000. I do want to become more daily about it but at the moment I am doing so much more learning than writing. The reviews will give me a good over view of what is and isn't being published. None of the books is to be more than 10 years old and most of those I collected are less than five years old.  I will also be doing a mini revimo on the 15th and 16th and trying to revamp my Echidna which did not rate spectacularly well. I now have a critique group and have exchanged stories with one lady already. Hers is simply delightful and I hope she has it published sooner rather than later.

I also joined write 1 sub 1 and the sub 6 club but I need to be logging in and letting them know what I am doing. I am off to blog hop.