Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Feb the forth be with you...does not work.

Okay so it is the fourth day of the Picture book marathon and I have not only come up with a fourth idea for a PB manuscript but I have also written the opening of another longer book and the beginnings of a new novel. I have two novels to polish into submission and  a couple of ideas buzzing around and need to research where to send them. I am hoping to send my Little Echidna for a rating tomorrow and send Mirrors out into the world before surgery. I just signed up for 14:14 in which I will read, review and blog about 14 picture books over 14 days from the 14th to the 28th and also I will be doing a mini WOW on the 14/15/16th Feb to get some ideas generated for the non fiction picture book challenge coming up. So February is shaping up to be a big month.

Next week on 52 week challenge the theme is machines so here are my first two. Daughter dear will upload them while I am recovering but I am putting them up ahead of time.Okay off to do more words.