Saturday, 1 February 2014

Picture book Marathon day 1

Today was the first day of the Picture Book Marathon which requires participants to come up with 26 picture book manuscripts in 28 days. I will be under the pump because I will lose a week post surgery so this week I need to double up. Today I was toying with a story about children learning musical instruments and styles of music. I like where I am going with it but my ambitions outstrip my current skill level. I will work on it.

Daughter dear is cleaning out her room and I have four extra teens for the evening which is quite enjoyable.

More pictures for the 52 week drawing challenge. MY water colour skills certainly need a workout, they leave a lot to be desired at the current level. Number two son came and helped me with the scanning and thankfully deleted a step in the process and I am now getting better scans.

Well after twenty seven tries I can't seem to upload any pictures today so I will have to do them tomorrow. Not even turning off the adbocking thing. Off to annoy the guru... well that was weird. All of a sudden the blog tool is saving the pictures to a gallery of some kind and not straight onto the post. So more learning to do with this thing now. Anyway, the pics were found and uploaded so ...