Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wednesday 19th February The Way I Love You

For the 14:14 blog challenge of reviewing one picture book a day for 14 days,
Today is: The Way I Love You

Author: David Bedford
Illustrated by: Ann James
Publisher: Little Hare Books
Year of publications: 2009(reprint)
Board book

Readership. Preschool age 2-4

Main characters: Child and Dog

A sweet story describing the love between a child and her pet dog. 
The prose reads like lyrics of a song and is a pleasant lilt on reading aloud. 

I Love...

the way you always care,
the way you're always there,
that's the way I love you.

The illustrations are delightful. Soft and open and readily capture the emotions of the main characters.

every one of its 26 pages is sure to delight and bring a smile to the face of its readers.

 I suspect this would become a favourite with very small children.

I would recommend this book for very young children.

So on to the 52 week challenge. Week 8 Crosshatch.

Take one famous painting that has always irritated me due to anatomical problems, fix the shoulder, add one daughters face, cross hatch gaily through the night and come up with 'The birth of someone who isn't Venus but could be'...

I am definitely going to enjoy the cross hatching week. I made two others as birthday greetings today and sent them via FB. 

This morning I wrote a 580 word story and sent it off to AntipodeaSF. I have four stories with them now, with the latest being being broadcast on ABC national radio and archived at the national library.
 It is well worth a visit if you like all things science fiction, speculative and a touch of horror in flash fiction you could read over a coffee.

Issue 188

February 2014

Speculative Fiction Downside-Up!

And finally this evening I attended the changeover dinner with my local Rostrum Club.
Rostrum is a public speaking club and I am one of the coaches. We had the wonderful Vickie Jellie as our guest speaker. Vickie is a woman who has been thrust into the limelight through the death to cancer of her beloved husband Peter Jellie. Peter had been a gregarious and community minded man involved in all aspects of  his home. Sport, farming  and just about anything you name but the family lost 20 weeks of his precious last days in travel for treatment for his cancer. He left four young daughters and his wife bereft but Vickie stepped up and took on the challenge of coordinating a team of volunteers to raise funds and lobby government to build a cancer centre in our part of the state. It has been a long hard and grief laden journey and Vickie is a woman of great compassion and humility who has rallied folks toward the one universally needed goal.

Once again I take up the mantle of coach for another year.

 I need to finalise a Picture book draft tomorrow and the edits on my YA without fail. I will report back here tomorrow.