Thursday, 13 February 2014

I am going to pretend

that it is still the eleventh of February. I had intended to do my blog post much much earlier than this of course but the best laid plans are wont to go astray. Today the new theme for the week for the 52 week challenge happened and it is water colour. I found myself following lesson plans online and managed to produce some passable pieces. Very exciting and I am going to paint every day for the week. 

The tree was part of a larger work that I did not like except for the tree. The duckling is only half a duckling and the boys said I should get half my money back on the lesson. I was quite pleased with my initial foray into water colour. 

I went to the library today and borrowed fifteen books to do reviews on over the 14:14 part of February and have been researching critiquing picture books so I do a moderately good job. I also had my echidna story back from RYS and had a 5 rating which equates to "not a bad story but needs some serious work". So I now have a critique group and they are likely to rip it to shreds for me and help me get it to submission standard.  

I washed out the rubbish bin, sewed darling girls school dress, taking out darts and stitching bits, supervised number 4 in getting his study habits up to speed, read part of Brother Odd, had phone conversations, put petrol in the car and paid in 50cent coins, dropped off a saxophone, wrote emails and generally kept busy today, oh and took darling dear to the doctor. The shade cloth came down off one window so I will get back up on the ladder tomorrow or maybe Friday when I get the stronger clips. 

My story for today's PB Marathon is to do with ability and disability and is courtesy of a discussion with my sister. I think it could be quite effective as a picture book.

Time for beddy byes I am thinking.