Saturday 22 February 2014

Saturday what a day and it isn't even July

Okay first cab off the rank, my 14:14 review for today.

Look, a BOOK!

Author: Libby Gleeson
Illustrated by: Freya Blackwood
Publisher: Little Hare Books
Year of publications: 2011

Readership. Primary school age

Main characters:

Two children and an elderly woman

Two children find a book which they protect from all elements as a great treasure among the broken down surroundings of their everyday life. The book gives them the opportunity for imagination to lift them above the mundane and they share it again and again and again. A lovely read with a deeper message of the value of a book and how reading can transform our lives, transport us into the imagination and bring wonder.


illustrations : sweet depictions of innocent faces in the midst of sepia and ochre broken things. The illustrations are intriguing with loose lines and strange view points.

The message is one I promote heartily. Reading changes everything.

Drawing today is about practice practice and more practice
Still on cross hatching and still week 8 of the challenge.

 cheeky girl.
 baby's first surprise
Thorin Oakenshield my current favourite fictional character
Like anything, practice is vital and I know I need a lot of practice in some skills and in the ones I am comfortable with I need more practice to keep the polish up/ so this is one of my cross hatch practice pages.

I finished my YA/teen fiction novel edits last night and I am so happy. I had not looked at it for two months and I still love it on rereading. it did need some spelling and grammar tweaks and a few important glaring questions had to be answered and I may have to rearrange chapters a bit but right now I feel very happy with its status. I wrote it during NaNoWriMo last November along with another novel and achieved 104,000 words in the month. I will never do that again but at least I know I can. I strained my eyes, developed swollen ankles from not leaving the seat and probably put on huge amounts of weight from eating snack food at the computer desk but it was all worth it for those two solid novel beginnings. The other novel is about 3/4 done and I intend finishing it shortly but I still have three little picture book manuscripts to finish this week to the end of their first draft.

Okay best I exercise and eat something before I put my head down and bottom up to write some more this evening.

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  1. Cecilia, this looks like the sweetest, softest, cuddliest read! "And then we can read it" will be the back-of-my-mind motto for a while. Looks like a really touching emotional book. Thanks.


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