Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Zombies, steampunk and picture books

How do you turn an 80s fitness icon into a zombie instructor? Easily, put him in a gas mask and throw him into the Z-apocalypse in a spangled singlet with matching slippers in graphite and fine liner. The slightest snippet of conversation seems to trigger connections in my brain and generate all kinds of convoluted snippets of story and art work.

I am still admiring my steam punk lady in her leather vest and pinstripe shirt as my wall becomes the gallery. She is hanging next to my 80's zombie dance instructor and just under my disembodied oil pastel arms.

I had the funniest experience today, I went to the physiotherapist and I was looking at my legs saying "Oh no what's wrong with my knees?" I was quite distressed until we worked out that I have lost a lot of fat off my legs and the muscle is becoming much more defined so what I was looking at was a set of knees that were healthier than they have been in years. My physiotherapist almost fell off the seat laughing and I must say I have been chuckling at myself ever since.

I am learning rather a lot about scam publishers of late. It is the scary underbelly of the publishing world and has a smoother more flattering tongue than a nigerian internet love scammer. Writer beware indeed.

I need to work out how to twit more effectively as it seems that is a very current networking tool I simply cannot get a handle on. I think I will give myself time to work this out before I head there.

Two more sleeps until the BIG November challenge. I think I am as ready as I can be. I will need support and I will ask for it but in the end the finish line can only be crossed by me. I am so excited!