Saturday, 26 October 2013

26th Already?

Yesterday, I managed to work out how to embed gizmo's although the terminology still eludes me. I am so excited about planning. For anyone who knows me this is probably not something they would expect in my home. Organization is something I have kept exclusively for my workplace however now that I am making writing my work that obviously means my home is becoming my workplace. I drew up a huge chart on the windows so I could keep track of my word tally through November and I have calculated the daily numbers and I have started thinking and thinking about which plots I will pursue. I purchased a book on writing for children and I sent off four pieces of work to various publishers over the past four days.
Tomorr er oops today I am having guests in the afternoon and organizing non word parts of my life so I can have a bit of a rest for a couple of hours.
I started another steam punk today... I wonder where that will lead.
Best get some sleep or I will not be able to see the screen to type on it. :)

Already gurgling some great ideas for PiBoIdMo too