Thursday, 31 October 2013

six fifteen am

And what, pray tell, am I doing up with the birds? It is a long time since I made an appearance before the much more civilized hour of seven am but here I am. It is all because of November and the challenges I have set. One of my November challenges was to get up at six, make a cup of tea and come sit here and blog. Start the day on a relaxed note before undertaking my 3600 words for the day plus a sketch or two and an idea. I am as organised as I can be, I hope. I have my exercise chart on the wall, my spreadsheet for the word counts, my cup of tea and my graph on the wall for charting my progress. Now whilst I sip my tea I will visit a few other blogs, get ideas, support other people doing the challenges and away we go then after that, some exercise.
Good morning world, November here I come!