Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cirque D'Obscure

Another Anthology out in the big wide world, this one containing just one of my little stories and a little art work.

Book Description
Publication Date: October 28, 2013
Come one! Come all! We assure you that you've never encountered a circus quite like this. Marvel in a literary wonder involving ravenous snakes, psychopathic clowns, and freaks as they captivate you like never before! This could definitely be the greatest...and most bizarre show on Earth!

Stories included:
Break In—Zoe Adams
Claudio—C.A. Clark
Circus Waltz—Alex Laybourne
Animal Memories—J.R. Roper
Final Wager—Brian Bigelow
Unleashing Knauss—Sarah Jayne Carr
Hunted—H.J. Daly
I Am Freak—Catherine Stovall
Snake Dance—Andrea L. Staum
The Gossamer Veil—Emma Michaels
Burn It Down—M. Jet
Chuckles—Faith Marlow
Hunger—Pyxi Rose
The Carnival of Erebus—Liz Lambdin
Ghosts—Melanie Skubich
House of the Dancing Shadow—Sergio Palumbo